Let's Create Memories Over Delicious Food!

Meet Bianca

Hello!  I’m Bianca Noiseux; happy wife and mother of two incredible sons.  We live in Connecticut (USA) with our two black Labrador retrievers.  Living in a house with all guys, thank goodness the dogs are girls!  I love music, to read, exercise, play cards and to cook – I’ve been collecting recipes for over 20 years.  My happy place is the beach, especially the Outer Banks in North Carolina, Florida or the Caribbean.  Hubby and I love to travel, especially to warm places.  The boys enjoy sports and movies.  We all love YUMMY Food – Challenge Accepted!

My family is my life!!!  I’m at my happiest when I’m surrounded by family, friends and good food.  Growing up surrounded by a big, loving family; I intently waited for Sunday Dinner at my Grandparents’ home when our big, loud clan all came together over a delicious meal.  Those times were filled with love, laughter and many, many card games.  You know, the stuff that makes memories!  I can still remember the warmth of the house, the smell of the food and the sense of belonging that was created and nurtured these Sundays, decades ago.  These were my people…my tribe.

Today, I want to share this tradition of great food and wonderful memories with my family and friends.  Something amazing happens when we make a meal and come together to just be…a family.  I want my boys to know this feeling and to make their memories.  Sometimes our family dinners are just the four of us and sometimes it’s the whole clan.  Either way, these people are so special to me, so important, that I need them to know just how much I love them.  There’s a saying, “Food is Love”.  For me, cooking delicious and healthy food is a way to show them this love.  I’m so happy to invite you along on my journey to create delicious food that brings family and friends to our tables.                                                                                  Let’s create memories over delicious food!