10 Minute Healthy Freezer Recipes

Here are the best 10 minute healthy freezer recipes out there! They are delicious and a huge time saver. Each recipe is an easy freezer meals to make ahead for the week or month! Whatever fits your schedule!

As a mom of three I am usually feeling stressed out about 20 things at the same time. Having freezer meals ready to go reduces my stress like crazy and makes dinner the easiest decision of my day.

Making 10 minute healthy freezer recipes saves me so much stress every day!

If you have every wanted more time and less stress in your day to day life then you have to try freezer cooking! Try picking one or two of the healthy make ahead freezer meals below to cook and/or freeze. You will never go back to cooking ever night once you enjoy the ease of freezer meals for one or a family!

Sweet and Savory Tender Beef
Tender Pork like non other!
Perfect flavorful dinner for a crowd!
Family fun dinner making tacos!
Preservative free ranch tacos!
All the fresh flavors of salsa verde!
Better then takeout General Tso!
Homemade Enchilada Sauce makes this the best recipe!

Each recipe above is prepped in minutes! You will feel good about what you are feedling your family and enjoy not being in the kitchen. Its so stressful to feel the pressure of cooking and dinner everynight, and sometimes dinner out isn’t in the budget.

The answer is freezer cooking! The other reason its amazing is you can buy fresh organic ingredients and they wont go bad! Freezing recipes that only take you minutes to prep will let you start living and stop cooking.

Make ahead freezer meals for crockpot are my personal favorites because they can be cooked from frozen. You can make freezer meals for a month or a week. Up to you!

What meals can I make ahead and freeze?

Every one of the recipes above can be made ahead and frozen for up to 3-4 months! If you want more recipes that take minutes to prep then check out these 21 – 10 minute prep recipes!

What meals can I make to freeze?

There are so many different meals you can make and freeze! Try looking up freezer meals for ideas or check out this link for all my freezer meals!

How do you cook frozen meal preps?

Its so easy to cook these frozen meal preps! Just throw them into the slow cooker or crockpot for healthy freezer crockpot meals you can enjoy any night of the week!

How far ahead can you make freezer meals?

Freezer meals will stay good in the freezer, if stored properly, for 3-4 months.

Are freezer meals healthy?

Absolutely! In the past most people only thought of unhealthy dinners as freezer recipes. Or the frozen food you get at the store. But making any of these freezer meals you will enjoy healthy dinners the whole family will love!

Enjoy these 10 minute healthy freezer recipes and you will start enjoying more time every day!

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