10 Paleo Meals Under $150

I get excited everytime a new month rolls around and I get to plan a new meal plan!

It is fun for me to try to create something new and a challenge to do it at a low cost.

Tasty healthy food in our price range can be hard to find but over the years I have gotten pretty good at creating new meal plans that are easy to prep and tasty to eat!

Some of these meals offer the option to enjoy over cauliflower rice. We love to have cauliflower rice at times but also like to use basmati rice.

Our family does not strickly stick to a paleo diet but I appreciate the lifestyle and enjoy creating recipes that are paleo friendly for my family and yours to LOVE!

This meal plan consists of 5 paleo meals that can be doubled to make 10 dinners. Each dinner will feed 4-6 adults.

Here is the breakdown of cost:

Meal Plan Cost $147.95 | 10 Meals | 4-6 Servings each meal | $2.46 per serving

Paleo Meal Plan | Paleo Meal Plan on a Budget | Free Paleo Family Meal Plan

I promise you each of these meals are full of flavor and are extremely quick to prep!

You can prep this entire meal plan in less then 1 hour!!

What you get in this Meal Plan:

  • Five Recipes doubled to make 10 Freezer Meals
  • Free Printable with…
    • Freezer Prep Instructions for each meal
    • Cooking Instructions for each meal
  • Free Printable Grocery List
  • Free Printable Recipe Labels


  1. Enchilada Pork Bowl
  2. Ranch Chicken Tacos
  3. Chicken Thighs
  4. Apple BBQ Shredded Pork
  5. Curry Chicken

You will love all of these recipes!

Tip: If your kids do not like spicy food then omit red pepper flakes from the recipes that call for it and add it to your own personal serving at dinner for a kick! This is what I do because my kids are young and not ready for the heat!

Paleo Meal Plan | Paleo Meal Plan on a Budget | Free Paleo Family Meal Plan

I want you to realize that you can enjoy homecooked meals, save money and eat healthy by meal planning. So in order to help you on this journey I have done all the background work for you.

Here are the FREE printables so that you can print and go! No more thought necessary…its all been done for you!

I would love to hear about your journey and thoughts on meal planning! Also let me know if there are any other meal plans you would like me to create. I am always excited for a new challenge!

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