10 Things to Embrace During COVID-19.

This experience has been harder to handle then I could have ever imagined. Here are 10 things to embrace during the COVID-19 quarantine.

We all want our home to be a haven. Somewhere we can walk in and let the worries of the world slip away. But we have been invaded by an invisible thief who has stolen away peace in many of our homes. Anxiety and fear are contagious and the unknown is scary.

Stepping into this time has brought out fear, arguments, anxiety, and separation. Its a complete roller coaster of emotions we are all riding.

What if we choose to step into this unconventional time in a different way?

What if we choose to embrace the little blessings in our life? What if we choose to embrace?

Here are 10 Things to Embrace During the COVID-19 Quarantine.

1. Embrace your partner.

Be together. Like really together. As much fun as it is to Netflix and chill (meaning ice cream and movies…right?) you can find a new level of relationship during this time if your willing.

Try setting aside 30 minutes with your partner distraction free to talk. So no phone. Grab a glass of wine, go outside and just sit together. Process your thoughts, fears, dreams together. Choose to avoid the tv for one conversation…or even better for a whole night.

You may be surprised by what you do or don’t know about your best friend!

10 Things to Embrace During the COVID-19 Quarantine | COVID Virus Steals Our Peace | How to get through the quarantine
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2. Embrace your kids.

You are probably overwhelmed right now with all the homeschooling and housework hitting all at once. Overnight you inherited a new job, teacher! It would be so easy to wish this time away and hope for schools to be open again. But I want to challenge you to stop and look at your kids for a second.

They are not going to be around forever. In a flash, its all over. They go to college, get married, move away and then you miss them. Realize the limited time you have and just stop to be with them in whatever capacity you are able. Read the extra book before bed, play the video game you never have time for, color, or just watch a movie together.

Whatever you do, take this time to really embrace those kids like you never have before.

3. Embrace yourself.

Face mask it up! Get some cucumbers on those eyes! YouTube some yoga videos! Whatever you enjoy that brings peace, do it as often as you can!

Not to mention with many husbands working at home it’s the perfect time, and it may be a little fun to see them try to balance work and kids for a bit.

4. Embrace your loved ones.

All of us love someone who may be effected by this virus. Do everything you can to embrace those you love. None of us know what may happen tomorrow, and sometimes we all need a wake up call to remember to love those right in front of us a little extra. Even if it’s a phone call, send a little extra love out.  

5. Embrace your home.

Take some time to Marie Kondo the crap out of your home. Or try doing some of those home projects you have been wanting to do. Or maybe its as simple as finally mopping the floor.

10 Things to Embrace During the COVID-19 Quarantine | COVID Virus Steals Our Peace | How to get through the quarantine
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6. Embrace your time.

Time is the most valuable thing we have. Yet it seems to disappear and all of a sudden years have gone by. Just stop and breath for a minute! Literally for one minute!

Set the timer on our phone, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Its time to embrace the time we have, whether its a lot or a little.

7. Embrace compassion.

This topic breaks my heart, especially during election years. Please don’t take offense at this but there is too much hatred and division out there based on a difference of opinion. Lets embrace each other with compassion instead of judgement.

8. Embrace love.

How can you help the next person? Maybe give them some toilet paper from your stash? All joking aside let’s take some time to love each other.

With so many effected greatly by the outbreak there are a lot of people in need so how can you be love to others? There are so many organizations doing so much to help, so how can you make a different for one other person.

10 Things to Embrace During the COVID-19 Quarantine | COVID Virus Steals Our Peace | How to get through the quarantine

9. Embrace your future.

Its so easy to fear the future during this time and not want to think about it. But then we have given into fearing our future instead of embracing the blessings to come.

Do your best to step past the immediate fears and start dreaming about your future. Why not try making a dream list and challenge yourself to come up with 10 dreams?

You could even take time to plan out how those dreams are going to come true…because guess what? They can happen! Big or small, you can accomplish each one.

10. Fulfill your dreams.

I have a secret for you. You know those dreams you came up with? They can actually happen for you. While you spend some extra time at home start researching and scheduling your dreams out. Make them happen! Go for it! Take time for you, to do something for you!

10 Things to Embrace During the COVID-19 Quarantine | COVID Virus Steals Our Peace | How to get through the quarantine
Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash

I hope you enjoyed this list of 10 things to embrace during COVID-19. I know its all so cheesy and much easier said than done. Not to mention many of us are dealing with very real fears that involve finances, family and health. Please don’t think that I am belittling those fears at all because my heart wants to be there with you through all of it.  

I just want to remind each of you of the joy and the moments that are sitting right in front of us that may soften the blows we are each facing every day amid the crisis.

So from one mom to another, these are the 10 things I am going to embrace during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Oh, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

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