100 Dream List

Do you have a bucket list? Or are you someone who hears the term bucket list and rolls your eyes?

I have to admit I have always been that second person. Rolling my eyes at the bucket list concept. But in reality I was just afraid that I would make a list and fail or let myself down. Especially as a mom its easy to think why bother, I mean some days you hardly have enough time to shower and put on a change of cloths.

What if your craziest dreams really could come true…how would that change your life?

In 2019 I learned a lot about myself and the fear that holds me back in life. Sometimes that fear is more subtle and other times its so in my face I cannot sleep.

I once heard someone say that our greatest blessing is just beyond our deepest fear. If that’s really true then I want to experience it.

I decided that 2020 I would walk forward despite fear in life and not only dream but go after those dreams.

So now I dream AND I am activly pursuing my dreams. It may be only one by one but I write them down beleiving they can and will happen. I cannot wait to see the miraculous ways that they come about.

So…here are the beginnings of my list…currently at 50, fyi its really hard to come up with 100 dreams, but I’m working on it…

My List

Dream #1: Have a list of 100 dreams

Dream #2: Make a piece of furniture from scratch

Dream #3: Start a business

Dream #4: Donate 1 million dollars…at one time.

Dream #5: Complete a sprint triathlon

Dream #6: Complete an Iron Man

Dream #7: Visit 100 countries

Dream #8: Visit all seven continents

Dream #9: Run a marathon

Dream #10: Build a house

Dream #11: Flip a house

Dream #12: Own a music theater/venue

Dream #13: Compete a half marathon

Dream #14: Read all C.S. Lewis books

Dream #15: Live in Europe

Dream #16: Take a trip in a private jet

Dream #17: Go bungie jumping

Dream #18: Go sky diving (after my kids are older…)

Dream #19: Walk across the glass bridge in china

Dream #20: Visit Mori Building Digital Light Museum

Dream #21: Write a book

Dream #22: Open a bakery with Sophia

Dream #23: Go cliff diving

Dream #24: Swim with sharks (cage diving)

Dream #25: Go scuba diving

Dream #26: Grow a garden

Dream #27: Make a dinner using only home grown food from my own garden

Dream #28: Learn ancient hebrew

Dream #29: Become fluent in another language

Dream #30: Learn to ski

Dream #31: Spend a weekend in solitude

Dream #32: See the northern lights

Dream #33: Give a ted talk

Dream #34: Read bible in one year with husband

Dream #35: Start a scholarship fund

Dream #36: Invest in 100 businesses

Dream #37: Make someone’s dream come true anonymously

Dream #38: Cuba

Dream #39: Watch less TV

Dream #40: Be present with my kids daily

Dream #41: Complete a High Ropes Course

Dream #42: Ski a black diamond trail

Dream #43: Hike appalachian trail

Dream #44: Go Glamping

Dream #45: Visit all 50 states

Dream #46: Organize and digitally collect family pictures

Dream #47: Homemade Ravioli date night

Dream #48: Girls road trip anywhere

Dream #49: Go to the airport and but a ticket to the next destination available, then go!

Dream #50: Vacation in a houseboat

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