12 Healthy Meals Under $150

Want to know how to save money on your grocery bill? MEAL PLAN! Use this 12 Healthy Meals Under 150 to get started!

Ok this may not sound super exciting when you first hear it but I promise you it will pay off. You will eat better, have more time for fun with the fam and save tons of money on your food bill.


I became a stay at home mom one year ago and switching to one income meant one thing…time to find ways to save.

But I HATE cooking everynight and eating out regulary will eat up your money. So I started searching for meal plans.

When I realized how much I could save on my grocery list I knew it was worth it.

Here is the breakdown of your cost per serving in this included meal plan.

Meal Plan Cost $143.34 | 12 Meals | 4-6 Servings each meal | $2.07 per serving

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! $2.07 per serving!

I had such a hard time finding healthy meal plans that tasted good online.

So I began to create them myself only including the best of the best with one requirement – my family would want me to make it again.

(I always know its a win if my husband and kids want seconds…those are the recipes I save)

This meal plan will help you attain your new year goals and provide super flavorful healthy meals you will want to make over and over again!

What you get in this Meal Plan:

  • Six Recipes doubled to make 12 Freezer Meals
  • Free Printable with…
    • Freezer Prep Instructions for each meal
    • Cooking Instructions for each meal
  • Free Printable Grocery List
  • Free Printable Recipe Labels


  1. Homestyle Beef Stew
  2. Ham and Potato Soup
  3. White Bean Spinach Soup
  4. Ranch Chicken Tacos
  5. Cashew Chicken
  6. Italian Wedding Soup

All these recipes are Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Paleo Friendly.

They each have organic fresh foods and all together it will take you about three hours to prep! So grab a glass of wine, turn up the music and get started!

You will love all of these recipes!

Here are the FREE printables so that you can print and go! No more thought necessary…its all been done for you!

Ok now you are ready to give meal planning a try. Enjoy all or a few of these super delicious healthy recipes!

For more tips on meal planning check out this blog!

Comment below! I would love to hear about your journey and thoughts on this 12 healthy meals under 150 meal plan!

Also let me know if there are any other meal plans you would like me to create. I am always excited for a new challenge!

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