6 Reasons Why I Started Another Food Blog

Does the world really need another food blog!?

I hesitated at the thought of starting another blog, much less a food blog, for about a year before doing it. Truthfully, I felt weird and even embarrassed that I became a stay at home mom and decided to jump into blogging.

I was worried about everyone else instead of focusing on something I wanted to pursue.

Once I got started the fear crept back in because I had no idea of what I was doing and began to doubt myself again. (I still don’t really know what I am doing btw…it’s a journey)

This journey has been about a willingness to learn and put yourself out there, be vulnerable (which is terrifying). Vulnerability is the scariest part for me.

What’s holding you back from that one thing you have always wanted to try? Judgement? Stereotypes? Fear?

Have you ever tried to push past it? Or have you given up?

I am only beginning my journey to pushing past fears. It has been hard and scary but also crazy rewarding. Stepping into this blog regardless of my own insecurities and fears have already resulted in some insanely cool blessings.

Here are the 6 Reasons I Started Another Food Blog.

1. My Husband Showed Me Total Support

It feels so good when someone really believes in you. Not just the sweet “you got this” but really truly believes in you so much you begin to believe in yourself.

But stepping out and sharing any dream with someone can be terrifying. When I brought up the idea of this blog to my husband, He was all in. It surprised me not because I doubt his support of me but because he really really believed in me.

That alone made this experience worth it.

The only way to experience support like this is to be willing to step out and share your dreams with friends and family.

You never know who your biggest fan may be.

2. To Build up Confidence in Myself

Maybe confidence is something you struggle with or maybe not. Confidence has come and gone in different seasons of my life.

Cooking has always been an escape for me but as I began to share my food and recipes with others I realized I was actually pretty good at it. (Being able to even say that has taken time)

It is crazy what confidence can empower you to do.

I have felt encouraged to be intentional about creating new delicious recipes and sharing them with others.

Not to mention my confidence builds a little more each time my kids or husband take second or even third helpings of my food.

3. To Believe I have a voice worth sharing.

The thought that what I have to say could be useful, helpful or interesting to other people is so intimidating. So much doubt and fear come along with that statement.

But you will never discover your voice unless you step out of your comfort zone and begin to speak.

You are the only you in this world. That looks different for each of us and there are so many ways we can express ourselves and our voice.

Each post on this blog has been one small step in discovering my own voice and realizing that its worth sharing.

4. To overcome fear.

Pushing past fear and starting something new seems impossible at times. Often, we do not fight the fear because it is easier to give up.

I used to be one to take the easy route and doubted I would ever be someone capable of pushing past fear. It is only recently I have begun to fight the fear holding me back.

Have you ever tried to push past fear in your life? If yes, then good for you! You’re a step ahead and I encourage you to keep going! If no then give it a try!

Find something that has been overwhelming or intimidating to you and try it out.

Maybe its skydiving, a new skillset, a class or even a new food. Push past that fear because a blessing waits on the other side.

5. The willingness to try and to fail

You do not have to be good at something to try it! If you step out and completely fail that’s ok! Its actually a good thing because you tried and learned something new about yourself. I know, Easier said than done.

I hate failing! If I do something, I want to do it well and I want to succeed. In the past I have only tried something I thought I would be good at or had the skillset to do. There is always a good excuse not to do something.

How much have you missed out on in life because of a fear of failure?

No more. Failure or no its time to step out and try. And when you fail get up and do it again…eventually you will see something remarkable.

6. A creative outlet at home

In general, being a stay at home mom requires a lot of patience and mental strength.

I truly needed a creative outlet. Something to call my own and be an escape during naps or on a random evening.

This blog has mixed my love for cooking with a creative outlet in the way I share my recipes and experiences.

It is so fulfilling to sit down and express myself and I love the thought that I get to leave this for my kids. It’s like leaving behind a little piece of myself for them and putting together things our family loves all in one place.

I hope this post helps to encourages you to step back and look at something you have always wanted to do. Maybe it has come back to your mind over and over again, but you don’t believe you can do it (or maybe someone told you you couldn’t)

Maybe you have always wanted to learn an instrument. Or make a piece of furniture. Or cook.

Whatever it may be I encourage you to try. Even if it’s just to write the thought down and actually believe that you could do it.

You will never regret stepping out past fear and trying something new.

So does the world need another food blog? Or another blog in general?

If you have something to say or any hint of wanting to start one, then yes!

Because you are the only you! And you have value and worth to add so don’t hold back, even if it is scary!

Your greatest dream is just beyond your deepest fear -Jaime Winship

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