Raising Kids and Dreaming…(12in12 Update: February)

It can be so hard and even burdening to picture yourself going after personal dreams/goals. Mothers guilt is a real thing and seems impossible to escape at times.

Especially since Marie Kondo decided to convince us all to be organized!

I am constantly cleaning, organizing, updating the house (or trying too), doing house projects, planning activities, cooking, finances, and the list goes on. Feels like many days my life is an endless game of catch-up.

Whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home mom you understand feeling like everyone’s lives depend on us and our ability to do everything. With that kind of pressure, branching out and adding personal dreams to the mix seems crazy.

This year I decided to try a new approach. What could life look like if we got a little crazy and decided to mix it with a couple of personal dreams/goals. Please don’t hear me wrong I am not trying to put any unnecessary pressure on yourself.

But what if pursuing a personal dream, or even thinking about them could give you energy and make every day 10% better? Would you be willing to try?

Being willing to pursue your dreams is important. It shouldn’t be put away for years to come. A whole new journey can start for you today just by beginning to dream about what could be.

I am currently on a journey of going after 12 of my personal dreams in 12 months. Starting Dec 2019 I began this journey and the excitement over it was energizing. I felt a freedom and hope having things just for me to think about and pursue.

Here is where I am at so far on this journey of battling the craziness of life while pursuing 12 dreams in 12 months.

Dream 1. Read all 54 of C.S. Lewis books.

I have finished 9 C.S. Lewis books in three months with 32 to go for the rest of the year. In the past it has taken me months if not years to finish one book!

Dream 2. Complete a half marathon.

Currently on week one of training for a half marathon! Doing one in Southern California and since my flight ticket is bought and I have registered I HAVE to train and do it (Already spent the money, I guess its happening!)

Dream 3. Flip a house.

Not sure if this is in the cards for this year.

Dream 4. Fly first class somewhere.

Excited to announce we will be flying first class to the Dominican Republic for my 5 year wedding anniversary. Somehow it was only an extra $40 per flight to get first class! How is that even possible?!?!

Dream 5. Write a book.

Definitely slacking on this one…do we all have this fantasy? haha

Dream 6. Walk across glass bridge in China.

Here is one of those if it happens its miraculous dreams. We do not have the money for a trip like this.

Dream 7. Visit Mori building digital light museum.

And miraculous dream number two…

Dream 8. Make dinner using only ingredients I grow myself.

Gotta wait till its gardening season for this dream.

Dream 9. Learn to ski.

There is snow on the ground here in Michigan so all I need is some skis and a babysitter…any takers?

Dream 10. Read the bible in a year out loud with husband.

Currently doing great reading the bible out loud daily with my husband. Missed a few days here and there but in general we are enjoying this.

Dream 11. Spend a weekend in solitude.

Haven’t planned this out yet. Where is the time with three kids….smh.

Dream 12. Complete a high ropes course.

Waiting for spring for the courses to open! CANT WAIT!

Now for the messy truthful part of me right now in this process. Three months in and it has not been easy.

Not to mention is been one of those weeks!

You’ve been there…your third grader and infant get sick, your house is a mess, the laundry is unfolded, the dog drags in mud and you and your husband seem to fight at every turn….

During these weeks that HAVE IT ALL mentality starts to quiet down and it’s a conscious choice to still actively pursue dreams. I am not always successful in doing it either. But I’m still trying.

The crazy thing is that when I do give myself permission in the craziness of a day to pursue a dream I have I begin to feel stress melt off. It really does feel good to do something for yourself!

Moral of this story, Its hard to pursue your dreams. Especially at the young kids raising stage. But its so worth it!

The easiest thing would be to give up.

Actually the easiest thing would be to not even start dreaming! So if you are dreaming DON’T STOP you’re one step towards accomplishing them!

If you’re not yet dream then just start by coming up with a list of a couple of things you have always wanted to do.

If you have a dream list in your mind WRITE IT DOWN!

If you have written it down then PICK ONE, and DO IT!

Dreams can be big and small but all of them matter. At the end of this year even if you accomplish one dream for you wouldn’t that be worth it? I bet you would be insanely proud of yourself and excited to do it again.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you and keep you updated on how it feels to pursue personal dreams in the midst of raising a family!

I invite you to join me on this journey and start dreaming about what you want to do.

Be willing to fight through the exhausting days. The sick kids, the demanding schedule and do something for you. Start dreaming about what that may be and then here is the tricky part…DO IT!

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