Old Fashioned Sloppy Joe Recipe

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Old fashioned sloppy joe recipe Jump to Recipe This old fashioned sloppy joe recipe is delicious healthy and a little bit messy. Everyone used to make food from scratch. There was not all kinds of prepackaged and frozen foods to purchase anytime you like.  So this recipe plays on the old fashioned concept where we … Read more

Mango Curry Chicken Slow Cooker

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Mango Curry chicken slow cooker Jump to Recipe Every summer when mangos come into their ripe fresh season I get excited about new recipes! Here is a brand new Mango Curry Chicken Slow Cooker recipe! I love the idea of walking to the local market and finding fresh in season ingredients to cook with. Often … Read more

The only Vegan Hummus Recipe you need!

Have you ever tried repurposing nuts for hummus, dips or sour cream? They have such an amazing texture and can be used for so many different recipes! When I served this Garlic Hummus to my husband and kids they LOVED it! My kids we so surprised it was not “regular” hummus and now we actually … Read more

Simple Homemade Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a go to side when dinner is last minute. Cost effective, easy to make and everyone loves them! After making mashed potatoes so many times I have a fast and easy recipe that is creamy and sooooo good! The kids are happy, husband is happy and I feel like a killer mom…even … Read more

Brussel Sprout Bake

I have officially jumped on board with Brussel Sprouts! Super delicious! Ok, Ok I know its a fade. First avocados and now brussel sprouts. But seriously why weren’t they discovered earlier?! People hated them for so long and they are soooooo good! Not to mention what isn’t made better with bacon. For thanksgiving this year … Read more

10 Minute Paleo Sour Cream

We love sour cream! However I tend to either run out or forget to buy it often. So not only is this a healthy alternative to dairy sour cream, it is delicious and I tend to always have the ingredients in the house! Its a perfect last minute addition to soups or dinners and can … Read more