Comfort Food Meal Plan under $185

Meal planning! Just the word makes some people cringe. The thought of having to plan out meals, make a grocery list and then after all that work prep the meals to freeze.

BUT what if I did all the work for you! Its all here ready for you to print and go no extra work needed.

This meal plan is full of comfort food recipes that will make your mouth water! Plus its inexpensive and will help you eat delicious food and on a budget!

Meal Planning became important to me when we became a one income household. I knew I wanted to save money on our groceries but I didn’t want to sacrifice on the quality of food we ate or the flavor.

Here is the budgte breakdown for this comfort food meal plan.

Meal Plan Cost $184.97 | 10 Meals | 4-6 Servings each meal | $3.08 per serving

*Prices based on Kroger and Whole Foods – Bulk Spices*

What you get in this Meal Plan

  • Five Recipes doubled to make 10 Freezer Meals
  • Free Printable with…
    • Freezer Prep Instructions for each meal
    • Cooking Instructions for each meal
  • Free Printable Grocery List
  • Free Printable Recipe Labels


  1. The Best Chili You Ever Had!
  2. Vegetarian Burritos
  3. Shepherds Pie
  4. Tortellini Bake
  5. Tex Mex Chicken

You will love each and everyone of these recipes! There is some cooking prep for each meal (which normally I am not a fan of) However for this food its completely worth it.

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Take your time meal prepping and don’t put pressure on yourself to do it all at once. I recommend prepping this plan over two days. Find a couple hours for each day and make that YOU TIME!

Here are the FREE pintables so that you can print and go! No more thought necessary, its all been done for you!

You got this! Enjoy these comfort food meals taken to a whole new level!

Let me know what your meal planning tips and tricks are! Also if you would like a custom meal plan made specifically for you and your families needs email me at!

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