How YOU can accomplish 12 of YOUR Dreams in 12 Months!

Moms you have permission to dream and see those dreams come true at all stages of your life!

What if I told you it was not selfish to have your own personal goals and dreams while being a mom? What if I took it even farther and said not only is it not selfish to dream but it’s a great example to your kids if you dream AND go after your dreams while raising them!

No matter their age, baby, toddler, teens or adults!

You showing them dreams come true will change their life and yours for the better.

Do you believe that you could raise your kids and make time to go after your dreams?

My kids are 8, 2 and 1 and this year I am excited to run after some personal dreams of my own. I decided to think big not small.

For the last year and a half I have been a stay at home mom and I have struggled to find meaning in my job as mom and homemaker. I have struggled with laziness and over booking myself.

And maybe the worst of it all has been the pressure and guilt I have put on myself if I didnt do enough or if I was doing to much for everyone else. Finding balance is so hard!

So this year I decided it is time! Not only would this coming year be for my kids and family but also for me! They say you cant have it all…but this isn’t just about finding me time. This is about living life differently as much as an example to my kids as it is for myself.

The norm is that being a stay at home mom is all about your kids and your time will come. Why not actually enhance your kids childhood by showing them that despite where you are in life that you can still go after your dreams! You are the example to your kids that despite the odds and what the world throws at you, you can do it if you make it a priority and work hard!

I want my kids to forget excuses and run after their dreams in life!

Hop along this journey with me in 2020 and write out your dreams! Over the next 12 months I will be running after 12 dreams and working hard to prioritize them and accomplish them in 2020! Join me! Send me updates! I would love to hear about your dreams!

Remember don’t think small THINK BIG so that you can experience dreams come true in miraculous ways! It will happen I guarantee it!

Here are the 12 dreams that I choose from my 100 dream list (currently at 50…I am still working my way up to 100 dreams. Not an easy task)

12 Dreams in 12 Months

  1. Read all C.S. Lewis Books
  2. Complete a half marathon
  3. Flip a house
  4. Fly first class somewhere
  5. Write a book
  6. Walk across glass bridge in china
  7. Visit mori building digital light museum
  8. Make dinner using only ingredients I grow myself
  9. Learn to Ski
  10. Read bible in one year out loud with husband
  11. Spend a weekend in solitude
  12. Complete a high ropes course

I will be posting monthly updates to let you know where I am at in my journey to run after my dreams!

I realized the worst thing that could happen is I only accomplish one dream…and that’s one more then I would have done.

So go for it! Make this year your year of dreams and seeing them come true! I cant wait to hear your stories!

You can accomplish 12 of your dreams in the next 12 months!

2 thoughts on “How YOU can accomplish 12 of YOUR Dreams in 12 Months!”

  1. I love this and the example you are setting for your kids! My goals are a bit more simplistic (although still extremely important to me.)

    Here are my goals for 2020:

    1. Have a healthy baby girl!
    2. Not stress about sleep training but enjoy my time with my newborn.
    3. Spend at least one night away with just my husband
    4. Take a family vacation as a family of 4
    5. Eat more vegetables and less sugar
    6. Store up at least 16 freezer meals before the baby comes
    7. Finish our kitchen remodel
    8. Plant and cook a meal with one new veggie in my garden

    I hope you can help me stick to these! 😉 Go get em’ girl!

    • I love all of those!! By the way having a baby is a super big deal so not simplistic at all! I would say the most important and impressive thing you can do as a woman is have a baby!! 🙌
      I love all of your goals though, they are all amazing! Way to go!! Can’t wait to hear the stories behind what you accomplish!!


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