How to Dream Past COVID (12in12 – April Update)

I dont know about you but in March I seriously struggled with COVID and the extension on our stay at home order in Michigan. Dreaming about whats to come after COVID has been far from my mind.

Not to mention who would have known we would have two more extensions, as of today, with potentially more to come!

This year has been insane and completely unpredictable. No one could have expected the world would literally be shut down all because of a virus. Sometimes it feels like we are living in a different time or a movie.

(side note it still cracks me up that everyone started watching outbreak when this hit…did you watch it? I did lol)

My hope for you this year is that you are living in peace and loving your life today, right now. Last month my mind was filled with stress, anxiety, fear and discontentment. Much to my surprise this month Im feeling really good. Truthfully our house is feeling very peaceful and someplace I am happy to be…as peaceful as it can with three kids and a potty training toddler that is….

How about you? Are you feeling better? Worse? Unsure? Since your life was turned upside down?

However you’re feeling I would encourage you to not put your life on hold by giving up during this season.

Dreaming Past COVID | Bored at home | How to dream | Bucket list | dreaming tree | COVID | Quarentine | Things to do after quarentine

In December 2019 I began a journey to pursuing 12 dreams in 12 months. I was determined that nothing would stop me. Little did I know…

(Its hilarious to me that two of my dreams involved going to china and japan…probly crossing those off my list for 2020.)

Even though there have been many changes this year you can still run after your dreams.

Today I want to show you how to dream past COVID.

If there is one thing that has become aparent during this season its that despite having more time you will only accomplish things you create intentional time for.

Now hold on, dont be discouraged by what you have or have not been doing with your time! This realization is an exciting breakthrough!

Now you know that you can do anything during the busy and calm times if you make it a priority. How exciting is that?! That means you can actually start doing all those things you’ve always wanted to do because you want to!

…even if it’s a bubble bath involving no kids, candles, bath salts and music…do it!

Dreaming Past COVID | Bored at home | How to dream | Bucket list | dreaming tree | COVID | Quarentine | Things to do after quarentine

Honestly this time has encouraged me to dream even more! Long term, short term and all those things in the middle.

Here are two questions to help you get started dreaming past covid and pursuing things you’ve always wanted.

1. What does your perfect day to day look like?

What do I mean by that? What time would you want to wake up? Do you wish you worked out? Is there an ideal lunch time? Or intentional play time with your kids?

Doing the little things everyday that give you life on the day to day can complete transform your mindset. Start writing things down and tomorrow when you wake up, pick one thing in your perfect day and do it…no matter what!

Its not just about your dreaming past COVID but also dreams that can start today!

2. What are three things you have always wanted to do? (Big or small, there is no pressure or wrong answer here!)

This question dives into dreaming a bit more. But you got this! Don’t overthink it. One of my earliest dreams that I accomplished was to make raviolis from scratch as a date night with my husband. We love to cook and make new things together.

A bigger dream I had was to run a sprint triathlon, which happened last summer! Its crazy that when I started writing down my dreams they started to come true.

Big or small write three things down, ANYTHING! Things you can do at home, a park you’ve always wanted to walk at, a room to organize.

Dreaming Past COVID | Bored at home | How to dream | Bucket list | dreaming tree | COVID | Quarentine | Things to do after quarentine

Remember this is not a checklist but a joy giving list that will give you life! This list should excite you while giving you energy, it should not suck the life out of you. Dreaming for during, after, or way in the future past COVID is so worth it!

The feeling you get when you start to accomplish your dreams is addicting and before you know it your dreaming bigger than you ever thought possible.

Comment below and tell me about your dreams, your perfect day, or even your struggle with the dreaming concept. I want to hear it all! I would love to be able to encourage you on your journey.

You can even drop me a line at!

I know its intimidating and hard to make intentional time for things you want to do but its so worth it and makes such a difference in your day to day mindset.

Dreaming Past COVID | Bored at home | How to dream | Bucket list | dreaming tree | COVID | Quarentine | Things to do after quarentine

Here is my April update on 12 dreams in 12 months.

Dream 1: Read all C.S. Lewis Books (54 in total – I’ve Read 25).

  • I read three more books this month so now I have 29 books left to go!

Dream 2: Complete a half marathon.

  • Sadly, the OC marathon schedule more May 3rd was canceled and rescheduled to the same weekend as my sister’s wedding!! Yes, I stopped running…lost all my momentum gained…have eaten lots of snacks…and need to find a new half marathon to run now.

Dream 3: Flip a house.

  • We are playing with the idea of flipping a house this fall in a nearby city.

Dream 4: Fly first class somewhere.

  • Our 5 year anniversary trip was canceled due to COVID, but we rescheduled AND got first class tickets again. Hoping we get to go! This is the resort we picked!

Dream 5: Write a book.

  • This one is not looking great…losing the motivation for it every time I try to write. Or I get one page in and then over it lol

Dream 6: Walk across glass bridge in china.

  • Yeaaaaa…no thank you!

Dream 7: Visit Mori Building Digital Light Museum in Japan.

  • Not this year!

Dream 8: Make dinner using only ingredients I grow myself.

  • Getting our garden prepped now for planting next month!

Dream 9: Learn to Ski.

  • Ummmmm…hopefully we can travel to Colorado and make this happen this year!

Dream 10: Read bible in one year out loud with husband.

  • Doing great with this one! We have had plenty of time to read together, which I love!

Dream 11: Spend a weekend in solitude.

  • I gotta be honest, I doubt I’m going to want to do this with all the solitude 2020 has already consisted of haha

Dream 12: Complete a high ropes course.

  • Going as soon as they are open!

Don’t forget to comment below and tell me about your thoughts and dreams! I cant wait to hear from you and hear all about what your dreaming for past COVID!

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