Pursuing Dreams through COVID-19 (12in12 – March Update).

When it was announced this year that the stay-at-home order would be extended till April 30th, 2020 I struggled with that thought. I still do really.

Idk how you are feeling but this has been a rough couple of weeks and its hard to know we won’t be back to normal anytime soon.

Bedtime tonight was a mess, the house has not gotten cleanser but more unorganized, my family feels closer and farther at times and all sense of stability is slipping away.

Struggling financially has always caused a sense of unrest but losing something like the stability in our community and general environment is not something anyone could have anticipated.

In all honesty it has me questioning any thought of pursuing personal goals/dreams in a time like this. Would it be crazy or even wrong to look to the future with hopes and dreams?

This situation has been compared to WW2 in a sense, which is a time that I can only imagine survival being on people’s minds.

January was the month that pursuing dreams and goals felt electric. 2020 would be different. Self-care would be a priority. My identity would be discovered and pursing dreams outside of the day to day would become a priority. And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

So now what? Do we purse our dreams? Hope for the future? Focus on the now?

Now what!?

From one mom to another, who feels overwhelmed, unsettled, anxious and fearful at times with the changes all around us, we can’t stop dreaming.

The moment we give up on pursuing our identity, our dreams our goals is the moment we lose ourselves.

There is a reason so many are highlighting the importance of self-care and loving yourself right now. As a woman living up to societal expectations can be awful, much less dreaming outside of the norm for yourself.

So here is where I am at in my journey of pursuing 12 dreams in 12 months. I know its not as likely for some of them and Im so sad many are going to be delayed or canceled at this point but giving up is not an option and my mindset will continue to believe that dreams can come true. Pandemic or no pandemic.

Dream 1. Read all 54 of C.S. Lewis books.

Still reading but put on hold for a bit. No more library as it is shut down. I decided to purchase a couple long books of his on amazon to keep me busy and keep me on track.

Pursuing Dreams through COVID-19 | Fight for your dreams | What’s your dream job?

Dream 2. Complete a half marathon.

The OC Half Marathon scheduled for May 3rd has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic I gotta be honest I stopped training, started eating munchies, and started getting lazy. I felt disappointed, still am really. Hoping to jump back into running and some level of training April 1st. #goals.

Dream 3. Flip a house.

Not sure if this is in the cards for this year, but still not completely counting it out.

Dream 4. Fly first class somewhere.

This dream may break my heart the most. My husband and I had a five-year anniversary trip planned to Dominican Republic. Now its not canceled yet but its early June and based on everything happening in the world, it’s not looking good. My husband surprised me with first class tickets for this trip. So sad we may not be going.

Pursuing Dreams through COVID-19 | Fight for your dreams | What’s your dream job?

Dream 5. Write a book.

My brain is constantly thinking up fun book idea but its way harder to discipline yourself to write one. I fantasize about renting a secluded air bnb and writing a whole book in one weekend. No way…You too?? lol

Dream 6. Walk across glass bridge in China.

Considering the latest things that have happened in china…. probably not the year to visit china…

Dream 7. Visit Mori Building Digital Light Museum.

Yeaaaa…. not looking good for this one either…. Japan one day I will be there. But this place looks so cool! Check it out!

Dream 8. Make dinner using only ingredients I grow myself.

Currently working on getting the garden in shape so we can plant in MAY! What should we plan this year? Gonna have to plan smart so I can make a filling meal out of everything.

Pursuing Dreams through COVID-19 | Fight for your dreams | What’s your dream job?

Dream 9. Learn to ski.

Michigan had a crazy short winter this year. There was one day my husband planned to take me skiing but I got sick ☹ Kids were watched, and we just laid around…it was actually a great day! Maybe Colorado this year???

Dream 10. Read the bible in a year out loud with husband.

Doing great at this dream so far. We have had lots of time at home together to spend 15 minutes reading out loud together.

Dream 11. Spend a weekend in solitude.

I may have had enough solitude for a lifetime after this social isolation…

Dream 12. Complete a high ropes course.

Still feeling optimistic that this dream will come true this year!!

Pursuing Dreams through COVID-19 | Fight for your dreams | What’s your dream job?

Please join me in taking one step to believe in a future for yourself outside of societal expectations.

What do you want? What do you love? What are you passionate about? What do you think could never come true for you? What’s your dream job?…no matter how insane it may seem.

Write down an answer to one of these questions and then imagine what life would be like if that became your new reality. Do a little daydreaming, it will give you so much life.

So much of dreaming is taking back the childhood qualities stolen from up because we need to “grow up”. Since we are all stuck in our homes, not going to work, watching tv, probably not cleaning or showering as much as we should why not also take back the good qualities of childhood. Dream a little….or alot 🙂

Stay safe and healthy.

If you want to know more about my journey check out my latest 12in12 update!

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