5 Reasons To Start Making Stovetop Popcorn!

Our family loves popcorn. Movies nights, popcorn and hot chocolate all go together in our home. If not popcorn, then ice cream…but that’s for another time.

All you need is a pot with a lid and some kernels to make homemade stovetop popcorn. AND it only takes a few minutes.

1. No room in the cabinets for another appliance!

You may be wondering? Why not get a popcorn maker?

This recipe makes 12 cups. Each cup of popcorn is about 58 calories! So great healthy snack that tastes delicious!

2. Super low calorie!

4. Fun to customize!

Try drizzling different types of chocolate on fresh popcorn, or mix in some caramel! So delicious.

Click the link below for the full recipe details.