Crockpot Stuffing With Sausage 

Crockpot stuffing with sausage is the bomb and you will love it.

You can even make this recipe diet friendly by using a gluten free bread to make gluten free stuffing in crock pot. Or even try using a cornbread for a southern slow cooker gluten free cornbread dressing.

Why you will love this crockpot stuffing with sausage recipe:

– 5 Minutes to Prep – Super Easy – Extremely Tasty – Family Friendly

This is the best sausage stuffing recipe ever

We call this a stuffing in our home.

This is the best way to take advantage of meal prep with freezer meals because it cooks for the first time when you are going to eat it. This gives the best flavor and texture possible.


italian sausage

italian bread




unsalted butter

poultry seasoning

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