How To Make Broth 

One day I tried making it at home. Seemed easy just stick a bunch of stuff in a pot and simmer. It was the best I had ever had and gave my soup recipes a whole new flavor.

Im so excited to share with you my recipe and easy tips to making your own at home. It is completely customizable and you can use this as a base for a veggie broth, chicken broth, or even pork broth!

Why you will love this broth recipe:

– No extra ingredients – Super Easy – Extremely Tasty – Healthy (Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free) – Family Friendly

I use the rotisserie chicken leftovers bones when I want to make a chicken broth.

My favorite broths to make are a chicken bone broth and a veggie broth.

Whether its bone broth or veggies broth you will get so many healthy benefits. Making your own is also healthy because you have control of the salt, ingredients and flavor.


Onion leftovers

Celery leftovers

Carrot leftovers

Garlic Leftovers

Bay leaf

Chicken Bone

Beef Bone

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