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How to Freeze Avocados: The Quick Guide

Can I freeze a whole avocado?

Yes, you definitely can! In fact, one of the four methods I’ve outlined below has the step-by-step process for just that! It is actually pretty easy.

It is a great way to preserve any extra avocados that you might have purchased.

Why you will love freezing avocados at home.

...the right way. Using one of these 4 methods. 

Method #1

Freeze Avocados Whole

Wrap avocados in plastic wrap to lock in some freshness.

Method #2

Freeze Avocado Halves

Brush each half with lemon juice to prevent browning on avocados.

Method #3

Freeze Avocados Sliced/Diced

Transfer frozen avocado slices into a freezer bag. Once avocado slices are in a freezer bag remove as much air as possible and seal.

Method #4

Freeze Avocado Mash

Store portioned out avocado mash in quart sized freezer bags, TIP: you can even freeze in silicone trays for smaller portions of avocado mash.

It's that easy

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