How to Freeze Avocados 

Seen all those bags of frozen avocados at your last grocery run? Wondering how to freeze avocados yourself? Follow this quick little guide to do it right and preserve this amazing fruit. 

Why you will love freezing avocados at home.

– Able to stock up – Reduces food waste  – Saves money – Great for spreads  – Easy Healthy Snacks – Have even when off season

Be sure to look for the best avocados that are ready to freeze. Read on. 

There are FOUR great methods to freezing avocados, and each has its own benefits. 

A quick tip to prevent browning of the avocados before and after they are frozen is to spray them with a little lemon juice. You can just pour a little lemon juice in a spray bottle and spritz a bit on the freshly cut avocados.


Many avocados

Parchment Paper

ZipLock Freezer Bag

Plastic Wrap

Lemon Juice 

Baking sheet

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