Step by step instructions

How to Freeze Corn

Can you freeze fresh Corn?

Absolutely! Rich golden corn is a great seasonal item to freeze and preserve at home to save your budget and enjoy the BEST corn year round.

Follow along to learn how you can freeze fresh corn...

...the right way. Using one of these 3 methods. 

Method #1

Freeze corn on the cob

Freezing corn on the cob is one of the easy and a super common ways to freeze corn at home.

Method #2

Freeze corn off the cob

Freezing cut corn off the cob is the most popular way to freeze and enjoy frozen corn.

Method #3

Freeze corn on the cob in the husk

This is the big time saver. It's as easy as throwing your corn in a freezer bag. Simple and easy.

Its that easy

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I’ve spent the last decade teaching my followers how to prepare delicious, healthy meals using freezer recipes. Healthy cooking doesn't always mean hours in the kitchen.