How to Freeze Fresh Cranberries

Fresh cranberries freeze extremely well. They are great to have year round and add a beautiful aesthetic to many different dishes. I love adding fresh cranberries to my lemon water or punch bowl during holiday parties, or adding fresh cranberries to a charcuterie board to add a pop of color.

Why you will love freezing cranberries at home.

– Takes a few minutes – Reduces food waste  – Saves money – Great for dishes  – Easy Healthy Snacks – Always have on hand

Homemade freezer cranberry sauce is one of my many secrets to an easy Thanksgiving morning.

One of my favorite ways to use frozen cranberries is in cranberry sauce for the holiday season

Freezing cranberries is super simple. There is one method I use, and it is tried and true. Cranberries do not require any cooking or blanching. All you will need to do is rinse and freeze. Keep reading for more details on freezing cranberries at home


Many cranberries

Parchment Paper

ZipLock Freezer Bag

Baking sheet with lip

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