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How to Freeze Fresh Peaches

Can you freeze Peaches?

Absolutely! Juicy Seasonal Peaches are one of the best fruits out there.

Follow along to learn how you can freeze fresh ripe peaches...

...the right way. Using one of these 3 methods. 

Method #1

Freeze sliced peaches

For smoothies and desserts freeze your ripe fresh peaches sliced. Makes them super easy to use once frozen.

Method #2

Freeze whole peaches

When you're on a time crunch freeze your peaches whole either peeled or unpeeled. It's all up to you.

Method #3

Freeze peach Puree

This is the best method of freezing peaches for baby food or overly ripe peaches. (FREEZER HACK: Freeze Peach Puree in ice cube trays). 🍑

It's that easy

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