How to Freeze Fresh Green Beans

Green beans freeze really well. There are several methods you can use to freeze fresh green beans. Green beans are also an easy vegetable to grow, especially for beginners. So, if you have an abundance of fresh green beans left over from your garden this year, freezing them is your answer.

Why you will love freezing green beans at home.

– Takes a few minutes – Reduces food waste  – Saves money – Easy healthy side dish  – Always have on hand

One method requires blanching to occur, and the other does not. Both methods work well with green beans. 

There are two methods on how to freeze your fresh green beans. Both methods produce amazing results

What does Blanching mean? Blanching is a process of setting vegetables into boiling water for a very short amount of time and then dumping them into an ice bath to stop any cooking. This method is not always neccessary with all vegetables


Many cranberries

Parchment Paper

ZipLock Freezer Bag

Baking sheet with lip

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