How to Freeze Strawberries 

Got a load of strawberries about to go bad, but not sure how to freeze them right? Here’s your quick guide on how to freeze strawberries the right way, in order to preserve this amazing fruit!

Why you will love freezing strawberries at home.

– Takes a few minutes – Reduces food waste  – Saves money – Great for spreads  – Easy Healthy Snacks – Always have on hand

What’s best is the fact that strawberries are the easiest fruits to freeze.

Freezing strawberries is an excellent way to enjoy them all throughout the year in all your culinary creations

Always remember to wash the strawberries thoroughly under running water until they’re nice and clean, and then allow them to dry completely before you transfer them to freezer bags or containers. 


Many Strawberries

Parchment Paper

ZipLock Freezer Bag

Baking sheet with lip

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