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How to Freeze Tomatoes: The Quick Guide

Not sure how to freeze tomatoes the right way?

Tomatoes might seem like another one of those little fruits (yes that’s right) that turn mushy once they’re thawed. While there is a bit of textural difference that you’ll notice for sure, frozen tomatoes taste and work just as well as regular tomatoes do in a recipe.

- It’ll help you save money. - You’ll reduce food wastage.

Why you will love freezing tomatoes at home.

...the right way. Using one of these 3 methods. 

Method #1

Freeze Whole tomatoes

Rinse tomatoes and remove the stem. (Easily remove stem without cutting, simply twist and pull.)

Method #2

Freeze Quartered Tomatoes

Cover a baking sheet (with a lip) with parchment paper. This will keep your tomatoes from sticking and make it easy to transfer them to a freezer bag once frozen.

Method #3

Freeze Tomato sauce

Make your favorite tomato sauce and freeze it!

Its that easy

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