How to Freeze  Fresh Zucchini  

Super versatile and healthy, zucchini is the one veggie to stock up on when it is in season. But what do you do if you went a teeny bit overboard and ended up with too much of it? Freeze it! 

Why you will love freezing Zucchini at home.

– Takes a few minutes – Reduces food waste  – Saves money – Easy healthy side dish  – Always have on hand

The key to getting your frozen zucchini to maintain their color, flavor, and texture is to first boil or blanch them.

There are three methods on how to freeze your fresh zucchinis. All methods produce amazing results

What does Blanching mean? Blanching is a process of setting vegetables into boiling water for a very short amount of time and then dumping them into an ice bath to stop any cooking. This method is not always necessary with all vegetables


Many zucchini's

Parchment Paper

ZipLock Freezer Bag

Baking sheet with lip

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