Mexican Shredded Beef Freezer Meal

This Mexican shredded beef freezer meal is the perfect mix of sweet and spice! Its the best of all the Mexican flavors mixed together in a slow cooker that cooks for you all day long.

Easy, healthy, and tasty freezer meals are an amazing time saver! Prepping quick freezer meals will give you back time you didn’t know you were missing.

Why you will love (food)

– 10 Minutes to Prep – Super Easy – Extremely Tasty – Healthy (Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free) - Family Friendly

This is the best shredded beef freezer meal around!

Mexican beef can be spicy or just have a little heat depending on the salsa heat level you choose.

Garnish with lime juice or lime wedges for a colorful presentation and a little extra flavor to your shredded meats. 


beef chuck roast


green chilies





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