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Freezer Meals

It’s so hard to cook dinner every night. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could spend one hour a week in the kitchen and enjoy home cooked meals every night? Now you can, get started with the easy freezer recipes below!

Most popular freezer meals

Easy General Tso Chicken | Easy Chinese Dinner | Easy Weeknight Dinner

General tso chicken

This General Tso Chicken is better then take out and the most popular fan favorite recipe!

General Tso Chicken Recipe

Sweet Chili Recipe Sauce | Sweet Chili Ground Beef | Sweet Cowboy Chili Recipe | Sweet Tomatoes Chili Recipe | Sweet Beanless Chili Recipe | Sweet Chili Bacon Recipe

The Best chili you ever had!

It all in the title! If you like a hearty meaty chili then this is a must try!

The Best Chili Recipe


Spicy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

We try to eat vegetarian a couple times a week. This soup is full of veggies with a refreshing light taste!

Spicy Tortilla Soup Recipe

“Prepping freezer meals is not only a great way to spend time as a family in the kitchen having fun, but by making freezer meals it also gives me back time for my family during the week!”
Charlotte Olsen
Founder of ASH Royal Oak
“Planning and prepping freezer meals for after my daughter was born was the best thing I did for myself when pregnant with her. It gave me a ton of great options for dinner when the craziness of having a newborn and a toddler made it difficult to cook.”
Emily Kroodsma
Full time Teacher and Mama

Join food for thought free today!

Cheesy chicken enchiladas | slow cooker chicken enchiladas verde | healthy slow cooker chicken enchiladas | slow cooker chicken enchilada stack | crockpot enchilada lasagna | slow cooker enchilada sauce | enchilada recipe


From chicken breast to chicken thighs you will find a new family favorite or a beloved classic here!

Chicken Recipes

Barbacoa Beef Recipe | Beef Freezer Meals | Ground Beef Freezer Meals | Authentic Barbacoa Recipe | Chipotle Barbacoa Recipe | Spicy Beef Barbacoa Recipe | Easy Barbacoa Recipe | Barbacoa Seasoning

No Prep Cooking

Only 10 minutes to prep these delicious freezer meals. If you’re tight on time these recipes are the perfect healthy solutions to dinner.

10 Min Prep Recipes


Vegetarian RECIPES

Flavorful vegetarian recipes that will satisfy so you don’t even miss the meat.

Vegetarian Recipes

Instant pot frozen meatballs | frozen meatballs | instant pot pasta and meatballs | Italian sausage meatballs and pasta | best Italian meatball recipe ever | meatballs with Italian sausage and ground beef


From comfort food to international tastes you will find something new to enjoy for dinner.

Beef Recipes



Soups are good all year round. Dive in to enjoy a homey bowl of homemade soup!

Soup Recipes

Slow Cooker Mexican Lasagna | Lasagna Instant Pot | Crockpot Mexican Lasagna | Instant Pot Ravioli | Crock Pot Lasagna with Ravioli | Easy crockpot lasagna with ravioli | Slow cooker ravioli lasagna


Pasta equals party for us! Some of the most delicious pasta recipes good in and out of the freezer are here!

Pasta Recipes



Gluten free living can help with so many different physical conditions. Find some of the best gluten free recipes here!

Gluten Free Recipes

A French Macaroon Recipe for Beginners | Easy French Macaroon Recipe | French Macaroons on a Budget


Everybody needs a good snack, here are my favorite freezer friendly snacks you can make at home and freeze for later or an upcoming event.

Snack Recipes