Hi, I'm Hannah!

Every Saturday morning we watched cartoons, and ate PANCAKES! 🥞

Which started my passion for food young, and for years I have enjoyed cooking daily for my husband and kids.

This may sounds crazy but getting creative in the kitchen and finding ways to enjoy new recipes has become a huge passion of mine. I love sitting down to plan my next shopping trip!

But I also know this isn’t true for everyone. And if you’re anything like me then when you don’t enjoy something you just want someone to tell you how to do it and move on. 

Thats why I created My Family Dinner!

Super Simple 4 Step Strategy!

Step 1: Get meal plan

This strategy will change your life! Get started today by purchasing a discounted meal plan here!

Step 2: Shop

Using the organized grocery list provided shop your pantry and then head to the store for the rest.

Step 3: Chop

Chop up some veg, blend up your sauces and throw it all into a freezer bag or container.

Step 4: Freeze

Prep is done, meals are made! Now all you have to do is set them in the freezer! Its as simple as that.

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