Italian Freezer Meal Plan

This italian freezer meal plan will provide you with 12 delicious meals that only cost you $2.24 per serving! That means not only are these recipes easy to prep and so tasty but also budget friendly! If you’re looking to eat well and save money then meal planning is a great way to do that. … Read more

How to Dream Past COVID (12in12 – April Update)

I dont know about you but in March I seriously struggled with COVID and the extension on our stay at home order in Michigan. Dreaming about whats to come after COVID has been far from my mind. Not to mention who would have known we would have two more extensions, as of today, with potentially … Read more

All About Chicken Meal Plan

Chicken Meal Plan | Easy Chicken Recipes | Chicken Dinner | Freezer Meal Plan | Meal Plan | 12 Meals in 1 Hour

Prep 12 Chicken dinners in one hour! This all about chicken meal plan offers the best freezer chicken meals. You will sit at dinner hoping for leftovers you can enjoy the next day! Each meal takes about 10 minutes to prep. That means if you double the 6 recipes in this meal plan you will … Read more

10 Things to Embrace During COVID-19.

This experience has been harder to handle then I could have ever imagined. Here are 10 things to embrace during the COVID-19 quarantine. We all want our home to be a haven. Somewhere we can walk in and let the worries of the world slip away. But we have been invaded by an invisible thief … Read more

14 Simple Meal Planning Tips for Beginners

So you want to meal plan but you’re not sure where to start. Meal planning can be intimidating at first but if you try some of these simple tips it can be fun and easy! The more you do it, the easier it will get! Meal planning is the perfect way to stay on a … Read more

Comfort Food Meal Plan under $185

Meal planning! Just the word makes some people cringe. The thought of having to plan out meals, make a grocery list and then after all that work prep the meals to freeze. BUT what if I did all the work for you! Its all here ready for you to print and go no extra work … Read more

Raising Kids and Dreaming…(12in12 Update: February)

It can be so hard and even burdening to picture yourself going after personal dreams/goals. Mothers guilt is a real thing and seems impossible to escape at times. Especially since Marie Kondo decided to convince us all to be organized! I am constantly cleaning, organizing, updating the house (or trying too), doing house projects, planning … Read more

10 Paleo Meals Under $150

I get excited everytime a new month rolls around and I get to plan a new meal plan! It is fun for me to try to create something new and a challenge to do it at a low cost. Tasty healthy food in our price range can be hard to find but over the years … Read more

6 Reasons Why I Started Another Food Blog

Does the world really need another food blog!? I hesitated at the thought of starting another blog, much less a food blog, for about a year before doing it. Truthfully, I felt weird and even embarrassed that I became a stay at home mom and decided to jump into blogging. I was worried about everyone … Read more

100 Dream List

Do you have a bucket list? Or are you someone who hears the term bucket list and rolls your eyes? I have to admit I have always been that second person. Rolling my eyes at the bucket list concept. But in reality I was just afraid that I would make a list and fail or … Read more