5 Reasons To Start Making Stovetop Popcorn!

I had heard of stovetop popcorn in the past but it sounded intimidating and seemed like a lot of work. One night I finally gave it a try and realized…

…it is so much tastier, better for you AND CHEAPER! WHAT?!

Stovetop Popcorn | Do you need a popcorn maker | Stovetop Popcorn Calories

Our family loves popcorn. Movies nights, popcorn and hot chocolate all go together in our home. If not popcorn, then ice cream…but that’s for another time.

Store bought popcorn can add up and being on a tight budget there is not always room for the fun stuff.  Plus, I try to avoid buying processed foods.

All you need is a pot with a lid and some kernels to make homemade stovetop popcorn. AND it only takes a few minutes.

For Stove top Popcorn recipe click here!

5 reasons you NEED to start making stove top popcorn!

1. No room in the cabinets for another appliance!

You may be wondering? Why not get a popcorn maker?

Do you really have room for another appliance in your cabinets?! I have no more room in my kitchen and the last thing I need is more bulky stuff.

2. Super low calorie!

This recipe makes 12 cups. Each cup of popcorn is about 58 calories! So great healthy snack that tastes delicious!

3. An Affordable Organic Option

Because we aim to eat clean I try to buy organic when I can.

Here is a cost breakdown for purchasing organic non-GMO popcorn:

Organic Non-GMO Microwave PopcornOrganic Non-GMO Popcorn KernelsOrganic Bulk Non-GMO Popcorn Kernels
Amount Purchased1 x 3.9 oz Microwave Bag Popcorn1/2 cup kernels (un-popped)
1/2 cup kernels (un-popped)
Servings3 Servings4 Servings4 Servings
Cups Popped13 Cups Popped16 Cups Popped16 Cups Popped
Cost per serving$1.82 per Serving$0.15 per Serving$0.06 per Serving

4. Fun to customize!

Try drizzling different types of chocolate on fresh popcorn, or mix in some caramel! So delicious.

For my daughters carnival themed birthday party we made chocolate, caramel, cheese and unicorn popcorn for all to enjoy!

Worried about all that fresh popcorn going bad? Or don’t want to make it day of? Well there is a perfect solution to this below…Ill give you one tip (Freezer!).

Stovetop Popcorn | Do you need a popcorn maker | Stovetop Popcorn Calories

5. Freeze it for a fresh healthy snack anytime!

Want to keep all the delicious fresh popcorn you made fresh longer?! FREEZE IT! Sounds crazy but trust me it works!

Wheather you have leftovers, or are doing a lot of customized flavors for a party or just want an easy go to snack!

The freezer is a perfect solutoion for your homemade popcorn.

Popcorn doesn’t freeze so It will not need to thaw and will be as crunchy and delicious as when you made it!

Check out my recipe on How to Make Stovetop Popcorn here!


  1. Thanks for sharing! What do you do with the popcorn to pop it on the stove? Do you need to add oil? What should the heat level be and about how long should it cook before it’s done and starts to burn?

    • A little oil and/or butter in the pan with a medium/high heat level works really well! Also as soon as the popping slows (3/4 seconds between pops then its ready! Remove from heat and pour into a large bowl ready for eating! Hope this helps. For more details check out the recipe toward the bottom of the post! Hope you like it!

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