April Produce Guide

April Produce Guide
April Produce Guide

Try buying some fresh April seasonal produce this year. It’s one of my favorite way to meal plan. Getting to enjoy great fresh food at an affordable price is a huge win for flavor, texture and the bottom line. There are so many ways to save money while enjoying organic fresh foods and monthly seasonal produce is one of the best.

The best produce for price and taste!

I wish I could go to a farmers market every weekend to shop at each vendor. If you have this option you will be able to really enjoy a deal on April seasonal produce. If not you can still get great prices at your local grocery store. 

Cheapest fruits and vegetables month by month: April.

Often times stores will get large batches of in season foods and they place them at a sale price. April seasonal produce is amazing and delicious. So If you see something on sale and in bulk at your local store most likely it’s because that is the April fruit of the month.

Why you will love shopping for fruits in season by the month. 

  • Super Fresh
  • Best Prices
  • Best Flavor
  • Widely available

What fruits are in April?

  • Limes
  • Oranges
  • Papayas
  • Strawberries

What veg is in season now? 

  • Artichokes
  • Asparagus
  • Arugula
  • Lettuce
  • Rhubarb
  • Beets
  • Turnips
  • Shallots
  • Sweet Onions

What legumes are in season now?

  • Beans
  • Fava Beans
  • Peas

You can make so many amazing recipes with the fruits and vegetables in season in April.

Depending on where you live there are slightly different fruits in season. However in the USA the list provided are the most common foods available in season in the month of April. 

Comment below and tell me what is most in season in your local area if it is not listed in this post. 

April Fruit

1. Limes: Limes are so diverse. You can use them in desserts, dressings, and many recipes. Their zest will add a zip and their juice gives you some extra flavor. I love using a wedge of lime on my tacos.

2. Oranges: Oranges are perfect for some fresh squeezed orange juice. You can also use them in cooking, baking and enjoy them on their own for a midday snack. 

3. Papayas: There is nothing like a fresh papaya. This tropical flavor will make a delicious sauce, dessert or fun summer mixed drink. 

4. Strawberries: From strawberry lemonade, to salads, to fresh raw fruit salads. Strawberries are an amazing addition to any snack or meal. 

April Vegetables

1. Artichokes: Not only are they pretty but artichokes make an amazing appetizer for parties. Try making an easy slow cooker artichoke and spinach dip for your next summer gathering.

2. Asparagus: Grill up some asparagus to go with your steak or burgers. They are also great steamed and topped off with some garlic butter, 

3. Arugula:Top off a pizza with some fresh arugula, or use it in a salad. Argulua provides an amazing peppery taste. 

4. Lettuce: Start making all the amazing panera bread salad at home with some fresh lettuce.

5. Rhubarb: Rhubarb is a classic and tradition ingredient used in cooking and baking. It can be sweet or savory.

6. Beets: Pickle some beets to eat as a snack or on a salad. Beets are also INCREDIBLE roasted in the over. 

7. Turnips: Turnips are wonderful baked, boiled or steamed. Turnips are a wonderful side or used in savory dishes. 

8. Shallots: Shallots are wonderful when eaten raw or cooked in any recipe. 

9. Sweet Onions: Sweet onions are one of the most common ingredients in dinner recipes. You can also easily buy them fresh and freeze after chopping to make meal prep fast and easy. 

April Legumes

Legumes are a wonderful affordable protein to add to any dinner recipe. You can save tons of money if you are on a budget buy purchasing dry beans, or purchase canned beans for a meatless monday everyone will love.  

These are the main food that are in season in April. Hope you enjoyed this article on whats in season in April. 

Below you can find more common FAQs about April seasonal produce answered.

April Produce Guide
April Produce Guide

Recipes to try in April.


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